Pulvis et umbra sumus. We are but dust and shadow. Horace

Dust and Shadow is FoAM's contribution to a transdisciplinary research and residency programme at the ASU (Arizona State University) focused on environmental issues specific to the North-American Southwest. We combine philosophical inquiry with experiential futures and technological arts to explore existing and potential relationships between people and the desert. By addressing the mythical and experiential underpinnings of contemporary life in the desert, we invite emotional engagement with abstract concepts, such as desertification, climate weirding or attunement. We design participatory experiences and experimental publications, as evocative propositions for re-alignment of urban and desert ecosystems.


In collaboration with The Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), Desert Humanities Initiative, Center for Philosophical Technologies (CPT), Laboratory of Critical Technics (LCT) and the Synthesis Lab of the Arizona State University (ASU).

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